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2x2 parking tiles manufacturer in india

6 Tips to Buy Best Parking Tiles From Matrixcera

The parking space of any residential or commercial space is a necessity in the present era. According to Matrix Cera, the top 2x2 parking tiles manufacturer in India, none of the malls, hospitals, schools, offices, or residential complexes can function without the parking area, 

Unfortunately, many property owners ignore to deck up the parking lot with as much precision as the indoor space. But this is unfair as the parking lot is a part of the property. 

Also, when a visitor enters the property the parking lot is the first place to stop and look around. So the question is, are you ready to impress the visitors right from the parking lot? 

Then read these tips that will help you to find the best heavy-duty parking tiles for the parking space.


Tip #1: Select your style

How do you visualize the parking lot? Before you zero down on a particular design or style of the parking tiles, it’s essential to keep in mind the way you have planned the surrounding area. Consider factors like

  • Presence of landscaping around
  • Nature of the tiles on the driveway
  • Wall cladding on the exterior part of the building

The last thing you want is to choose a design of the tiles that will not complement the entire visual appearance of the property.

In fact, you can even select the colors of the tile depending on the landscaping around t make sure that the entire look is in harmony.


Tip #2: Quality matters

Let’s own it. You will be investing a considerable sum in the parking tiles. So, it's your duty to ensure that you invest in the best tiles for parking areas that will bring about a visual upliftment of the space apart from offering high functionality.

  • The tiles from our company are always the best in terms of durability. So, even if you have to stretch the budget a little for now, you will never regret the decision.
  • Select such a tile that you can clean easily. You cannot spend hours every day cleaning the parking lot. Professional cleaners cannot also spend a lot of time trying to clean the tiles.
  • Stain resistance is a must-have feature for tiles. Being the supreme parking tiles manufacturers, we have created tiles with very high levels of stain- resistance. 

Therefore, allow us to provide you with top-notch tiles that will enhance the look and feel of the parking space.


Tip #3: Availability of varieties

When you go shopping, can you shop happily at a store where the options are limited? No. the same applies to buying the tiles for the parking lot too.

At Matrix Cera, we are developing the best parking tiles because of the sheer variety of styles and designs. We have an extremely talented group of designers who can create wonders for customers.

Have you visited the online store yet? Once you do, you will be mesmerized by the countless options that we offer to our potential customers. We know that if we provide you with the maximum number of options, chances are high that you will get something that will match all your requirements.


Tip #4: Weatherproofing is mandatory

Regardless of whether you have an open parking lot or a covered one, it's essential to focus on the materials of the tiles. As the tiles in the parking area will always get exposed to harsh weather elements directly or indirectly from the movement of the wheels, our job as the leading 2x2 parking tiles manufacturer in India is to create weatherproof tiles.

  • Our tiles can withstand all weather elements.
  • The tiles won't suffer from damage even on getting exposed to the snow, hail, storms, rain, or UV rays of the sun.
  • We can proudly claim that these tiles won't show any fading of colors despite regular exposure to direct sunlight. 

We have always concentrated on these factors as we know that the house parking tiles will be a significant part of your property. You cannot compromise anything in this field.


Tip #5: Pricing

We will suggest you all go through the prices of the products in our store. We can bet that we are offering the best quality tiles at an affordable rate. We know that all of your dreams are to install the best possible tiles in the parking lot.

But, many of you have to compromise the quality for the budget constraint. So our motto while setting the parking tiles 2 X 2 price has been to set such prices that will justify the quality of the product.

As profit-making has never been our prime motto, we have achieved what we wanted all through- and that is the satisfaction of the customers.


Tip #6: Visualize the products

On our website, we help you to view the tiles one by one. We try to virtually show you what can be the possible visual outcome of laying these tiles in your parking space.

Thus, you can practically feel the visual effect that will help you to make a better decision for the property.

Being the most prominent manufacturer of parking tiles, we can always say that it is important to view each option before selecting the final option. Some tiles may not look appealing at a glance, but when you view them as a continuous layout on the screen, you will be surprised by the visual impact.

And that’s what we want. We try to show you the final outcome of the installation to help you make an informed decision.


Rely on us

After reading all the above tips from our experts, one thing is perhaps clear to you. And that is, Matrix Cera, we only highlight the needs and requirements of our customers.

If you are planning to install new car parking tiles, we insist you take a look at the online store. We are sure that you will not only like the collection but will also appreciate the way we are taking the manufacturing of car parking tiles to the next level.